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Hi everybody,

You should know that keep a busy site like K-1FANS.COM is expensive and very time-consuming.
The Site and Community are growing each day all over the world, along with our resources consume.
The bandwith and cpu-memory usage costs are bigger everyday, and I can´t afford them myself alone as I have done till now.

The site has grown and we are not allowed in a cheap shared server anymore..  We want to continue online and growing, so we already had to make the jump and pay our own dedicated server. Unfortunately, a big server as k-1fans needs, is very expensive (+ 120$ per month).

I am doing all that I can, you can´t imagine the time inverted here and the work done all this time,
but I am proud and would do everything in my hands for this sport and for the Great Community of Friends that we are here.

If you like our site, appreciate and respect the work done here by me, the moderators, contributors, reposters, and good members, we would be glad that you can support us with a donation, no matter the amount you can donate. With your help we will keep the site running without problems and will be able to mantain our dedicated server, being stronger and better.

Donators can donate secure and easilly through PayPal by clicking the [Make a donation] button.
(It is not necessary to have a paypal account, you can pay with your card. If you have some doubt, contact me.) (If you have not a card you also can do it easy by a Bank Transfer. Contact me.)
Paypal is the most secure payment procedure of the net. Nobody will know never your data. Used by 96 millions users, is leader of internet online payments.

 Dollars $

 Euros € (English)

 Euros €  (En español)
After you donate, PM or email me with some data: name, amount.. to know you are a donator.
Donators someday of course will be rewarded in some way that we can.

Thanx,  AL3X1S and the K-1FANS Staff.

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