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 ** ALBERT KRAUS Interview ** by AL3X1S
Interview with Albert "The Hurricane" Kraus,
the first ever K-1 World MAX Champion, and one of the best fighters that we can find in the middle weight division.

He is having some free time after the K-1 World MAX 2007 Final, so he had time to make this interview for his fans.

An honor to speak with him and have him visiting our website :-)

Hi Albert, first, thanks for this time you dedicate to your fans. Is an honor for us to speak with a great champion as you are.

K-1Fans: How do you feel after the K-1 MAX Final?

Kraus: Hi. Not so good I really wanted to win it this year and when I saw it back on tv than more bad because in my eyes I had to have a extra round but we'll going on.

K-1Fans: Are you having a rest time, or you are training hard again to fight soon? next fight?

Kraus: I had a view injurys so I relax for a short time and I fight again in my home town 16th of December against Ozkan Kose.

K-1Fans: Is Souwer very difficult to fight now? Have you noticed the difference between this year and 2003 when you KOed him?

Kraus: He is a good fighter but I think everybody saw I was the boss in the ring so when I'm fresh without injurys I think I'll will give my fans a good fight and win again.

K-1Fans: Besides you, who are the best two or three fighters of the MAX and why, in your opinion?

Kraus: Buakaw he shows he is good, Masato he does the thing what he has to do for his opponent (his home work) and Andy is also a complete fighter but when I'm in good shape without injurys I win tham all three.

Who is the fighter who gave you the toughest/hardest fight?

Kraus: Shane Chapman (in K-1 MAX 2002)

What differences do you see in K-1/kickboxing between Japan and Holland? (popularity, fans, television.. etc)

Kraus: Everything, you have to see it before you can understand in Japan you get so much more respect from the fans and everything is urangest so much better and bigger.

K-1Fans: Do you think that your work/sport is well paid? are you happy with what you have got?

Kraus: I'm very happy me and my family are heathy so that you can not buy. But when I hear how much money the heavyweights make than I'm not happy with it, in the middle weight the level is much higher.

K-1Fans: If you would have not been fighter, what would you like to have been?

Kraus: I dont know but much heavier and more lizzy haha

K-1Fans: Which are your next goals in Fighting world? titles, success.. etc

Kraus: First to win the K-1 MAX again than to stay the champion and after that I hope one of my students can win the K-1 max, and after that my son, I think than the dream is complete.

K-1Fans: About your
leisure, which are your hobbies? what do you do in your free time?

Kraus: I stay with my kids and family almost every week I have a new hobby I also like fishing and doing nothing so many many things.

K-1Fans: What about your family and wife? do they support you in your fights?

Kraus: Yes they support me and its our food so she has to and my kids like it also.

K-1Fans: Would you like that your son become a fighter someday or you prefer other job or sport?

Kraus: If he wants to I support him 100% but maybe its better that he will be a good footballer or a bank owner but I always support him.

K-1Fans: About the past, when and how do you started in world of martial arts?

Kraus: Thats a long story but my brother was a boxer so I wanted it already from a young age, but I started boxing when I was 14 years old and only doing this for 1,5 years, than when I was 17 years old I started kickboxing and I still like it.

K-1Fans: Did you have some Idol or favourite fighter? and where did you find the inspiration to become champion?

Kraus: Thats the same as my hobby that was changed many times but Mike Tyson I like very much.

K-1Fans: Who are your best friends in K-1? you are in touch with them outside the tournaments?

Kraus: Not really but I talk with the ones who live in Holland if I see them, and I e-mail with Duane Ludwig he is a nice guy and a very good fighter.

K-1Fans: What about your team? (trainer, gym, team, partners..)

Kraus: My trainer is Dennis Krauweel how teach me still a lot from Team Super Pro. We have many good fighter on our gym I train a lot with Alviar Lima and with my students from my gym where I teach them.

K-1Fans: How is your training routine? how many hours a day?

Kraus: When I preparing for a fight 2 times a day 5 days a week and one time in the weekend but about 3 hours a day.

K-1Fans: You have gone to Thailand to training skills, dont you? how was your experience there?

Kraus: I like Thailand also training on Scorpion gym, I try to go 2 times a year to Thailand for Holliday with my family and then I train a little bit.

K-1Fans: Is there some fighter that you want to fight specially? if so, then reason.

Kraus: Not really, I want to fight everybody, but I want to fix something from last final ...

Would you like to try other styles as muaythai (with elbows) or MMA (mixed martial arts) someday?

Kraus: Maybe MMA but not yet, I don't like to fight with elbows but maybe MMA in the future.

K-1Fans: Do you follow K-1 World GP (HeavyWeights)? who are your favourites and who do you think that will win the K-1 WGP final this year?

Kraus: I hope Peter Aerts win this year, he is a good friend of me, but I give Semmy Schilt a good chances, but it will be a dutch guy again I think.

K-1Fans: How do you wish your nexts years in your life and fighting sports?

Kraus: I hope to stay health and win every fight I have to fight but we will see I gonna do my best.

K-1Fans: How would you want to continue in the fight world in the future? trainer, promoter..? what are your plans?

Kraus: I teach already for 8 years my students so I'm already trainer I also manage them. I promote for 3 year our event so I maybe continue that way.

OK, we wish you can get your wishes and objetives. Something more to say us and your fans?

Kraus: I want to thank everybody who support me and I do my best for them and for K-1fans I think your website is one... or maybe even the best.

Thank you, regards Albert Kraus.

Congratulations again Champion. And thanks very much for the Interview. GOOD LUCK.



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