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 ** ANDY SOUWER Interview ** by AL3X1S
New interview with Andy Souwer,
two times K-1 World MAX Champion + two times S-Cup Shootboxing World Champion, and this year crowned again as the best fighter in the World under 70kg.

It is an honor to speak with him, as it was having him posting in our forum to make the first comments after his victory this year in K-1 World MAX 2007 :-)

Hi Andy, first, thanks for accepting this interview. Your fans will check it and I hope they enjoy reading from you. And also: Congratulations for your second K-1 World MAX Championship!

K-1Fans: How do you feel after winning the K-1 World MAX Final?

Souwer: Hi. Well, I had the month of my life. First my son Keano was born on the 24th of September and one week later I won the K-1 Max finals 2007. I felt proud and releaved, in 2005 I won, in 2006 I made a mistake in the finals and lost and it 2007 I won again. I am very thankfull that this happens to me. Many fighters dream of winning the K-1 MAX and I made my dream come true.

K-1Fans: Can you tell us your experiences during the event, which was your toughest fight, and what about the final fight vs Masato?

Souwer: My thoughest fight was the fight against Kraus, I already lost against him and I wanted to win this time, to show that time has changed. The fight against Masato was the weirdest fight. I could see that Masato was hurt after receiving all the low kicks, but still he was very dangerous with his hands. Masato is a real warrior.

K-1Fans: Did you feel any difference comparing to winning 2005 final? you had more pressure this time being one of the favourites? was it happier this time?

Souwer: I felt different, because I had 2006 in my head. I really wanted to win this one and hoped that I would not suffer any injuries. After winning I was very happy and I said thank you to all the people who supported me. It is a miracle. A normal guy like me from a town called Den Bosch, winning the K-1 Max for the second time. Unbelievable. Losing 2006 was a bigger lesson for me then winning 2005 en 2007. 2005, 2006 and 2007 are three good years for me. I am very thankfull that this happens to me.

K-1Fans: Your profile is great, only few loses, a big % of winning, and improving with the time. Do you see yourself now as the clear World dominant in 70kg, and possible next year, first ever 3 times K-1 World max champion?

Souwer: No I do not see myself as the clear World dominant. It goes how it goes. Next year I will do my best again. The one who is better then the rest next year will win next year. In 2004 and 2006 Buakaw was the best. Now it is me and we will see what happens next year. I will do my best.

K-1Fans: You fought vs Andy Ologun some days ago in shootboxing, who gave you a hard fight, what can you comment about this fight?

Souwer: I will never fight so shortly after a big tournament again. It was very difficult for me to focus on Andy. Andy Ologun fought very good and I really had to work hard to win this fight. If Andy can remain fighting the way he fought me, I think that he can be a serious opponent for everybody.

K-1Fans: Seems that you are very busy and you have not had a rest time after the Final, you have a tough fight again very soon.

Souwer: Yes I have to fight Nicky Holzken on the 24th of November in Rosmalen. So I am training very hard at this moment, because I want to make a good appearance in my own town.

K-1Fans: Besides you, who are the best two or three fighters of the MAX in your opinion?

Souwer: It is very difficult to say, because I think all fighters in K-1 MAX are very good. If you really want me to give you some names, I will say Buakaw, Masato, Kraus, Drago, Sato, Zambidis, Kyshenko.

K-1Fans: Is Buakaw very difficult to fight against him? do you follow a different strategy with him?

Souwer: Of course Buakaw is difficult to fight. He is one of the best fighters in the World and I have a lot of respect for him as a person and what he has achieved as a fighter.
But eventhough he is one of the best fighters of the World, I fight my own game against him, because I can not do anything else. I always try to do what I do best.

K-1Fans: Who is the fighter in your recent career who gave you the toughest/hardest fight?

Souwer: I fought a war with Buakaw in 2005. I fought war with Masato and Kalakoda in 2006. I got my ass kicked by Kraus in 2003 and lost against Buakaw in 2006, so I do not know. I always look ahead an try to learn from the past.

K-1Fans: There is some fighter that you would want to fight specially?

Souwer: I have fought everybody already. Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. I do not have a special fighter who I want to fight.
Sometimes I wish I was born earlier, because I would have wanted to fight Ramon Dekker, Rob Kaman in their Prime. These guys are legends. Many, many respect to them.

K-1Fans: Back in the past, your first fight in K-1 max in Japan was bad for you, you got KOed by Kraus, do you feel now winning him and being the number 1 in Holland and the World, that you got the revenge?

Souwer: Of course it is important to win every fight. I do not believe in revenge. He has beaten me then fair and square, this time I won and I won the tournament. Of course it gave an extra dimension, but winning the final was my final goal.

K-1Fans: For you, what do you think that is your best fighting weapon or skill?

Souwer: I think that my combo's are my biggest weapon. I can use kicks and I can use my fist. I am not a boxer (there are better boxers then me in K-1 max) and I am not only a Kicker (there are better Kickers then me) but I can use both my legs and punches very effectively.

K-1Fans: Once in Holland, some fighter said me when we saw your photo in a magazine: "the man to beat!" so how do you feel now that you are the man to beat and the other fighters
give 200% fighting against you? you have more pressure or are you done to that?

Souwer: I always feel pressure, because I always want to perform good. I do not feel the pressure putten upon me by others, because I can not en will not fight against expectations of others.

K-1Fans: Which are your next goals in Fighting World? titles, success.. etc

Souwer: I take every fight one by one and enjoy all the successes, titles and other things that are coming on my path.

K-1Fans: What differences do you see in K-1/kickboxing between Japan and Holland? (popularity, fans, television.. etc)

Souwer: K-1 is bigger then all the events in Holland. There is a big difference between Dutch Fans and Japanese fans. Japanese fans are real fans, they cheer for you and are very humble. In Holland people are spectators. They want to see a good fight and whistle when they are not satisfied with the outcome of the fights. In Holland Tv is now slowly exporing the market. In Japan big amounts of money are paid by the televison for the fighting events.

K-1Fans: Do you think that in Holland this sport is enough popular or you would demand more appearance on tv as other sports like football?

Souwer: Fight sport is very popular by a small crowd. For example 10 milion People in Holland are watching football, only 300.000 people are watching kickboxing. Of course I want my sport to be more popular, but there are to many people around it who give the sport a bad name.

K-1Fans: Do you think that your work/sport is well paid? are you happy with what you get?

Souwer: Of course I am happy with what I get. I have family and friends who are working every day from 06.00 till 16.00 hours for less money then I have. I am doing my hobby and get paid for it. I am very lucky. I know that I have a good life and I am very thankfull for that.

K-1Fans: About your free time, which are your hobbies? what do you do in your free time?

Souwer: Playing with my sons and play soccer on the streets. I like to play poker and I like to sit at home with my wife and family.

K-1Fans: What about your family? do they assist and support you in your fights?

Souwer: They support me in every fight. without them I could never have won the K-1 MAX title. It is very hard for them to life with a fighter, because I am always training and the specially have to cook for me. The whol household is focused on me. When I quit fighting I will repay them all.

K-1Fans: Would you like that your son become a fighter someday or you prefer other job or sport?

Souwer: I hope that my son is happy in everything he chooses to be. I hope he will not be a fighter, because I can not stand it when people hit him.

K-1Fans: About the past, you started very young, when and how do you started in World of martial arts?

Souwer: I started when I was seven years old, because a few of my friends started kickboxing. From then on I kept on practising and fought my first fight when I was 8 years old.

K-1Fans: Do you feel that you had to forget or sacrifice something of your childhood to continue being fighter?

Souwer: No, I have done everything I wanted. Good things and bad things. Fighting kept me from smoking and drinking. I owe a lot to fighting.

K-1Fans: For you, what is the worst part of this sport?

Souwer: The injuries after a fight, being away from home for a long time and everytime I win, someone else loses.

..and the best part?

Souwer: The satisfaction after a fight. For every fight you have to train and life very focused, when the fight is over you can let everything go. That is a very nice feeling.

K-1Fans: Did you have some Idol or favourite fighter? and where did you find the inspiration to become champion?

Souwer: I have much respect for Ramon Dekkers, Rob Kaman, Ernesto Hoost, Peter Aerts, but they did not give me the inspiration to win K-1. I get my real inspiration out of my wife and children. These are the persons I am doing it for.

K-1Fans: Who are your best friends in K-1 and fighting World? you are in touch with them outside the tournaments?

Souwer: I am in touch with nobody from the fighting World. For me it is work. I never take my work with me to my private life. I like a lot of fighters and I am always happy to see a lot of them when we have a grand prix or a tournament.

K-1Fans: What about your Team Souwer?

Souwer: The people in my team are also my friends. I see them more often, because they are always in my neighbourhood and my town is a small town. The other fighters of my team, I only see them when we are training together.

K-1Fans: How is your training routine? how many hours a day?

Souwer: I train 3 or four hours a day. That is enough for me.
Individual training with Andre Mannaart in Amsterdam, then boxing with Ron Rovers at Muscle-fit in Eindhoven and running in Den Bosch.

K-1Fans: Which is your usual weight when you have not a fight soon? you have to reduce many kg for the weigh in?

Souwer: My normal weight when I act normal is 72 or 73. Before a fight I have to loose 3 or 4 kilos.

K-1Fans: Have you gone to Thailand to training skills anytime?

Souwer: No, the fighting style in Thailand is differt from my own, but maybe in the future I will go to enjoy Thailand and visit my friend Buakaw.

K-1Fans: What about your shootboxing style? how and why you started in this style and competition?

Souwer: In 2002 they needed a fighter to compete in the S-cup. Big Shootboxing tournament. I was 19 years old then and I was not expected to win, but unfortunately for them and fortunately for me I won all my fights. Since then I am a Shootboxer.

Some ShootBoxing pictures:

K-1Fans: Would you like to taste other styles as muaythai (with elbows) or MMA (mixed martial arts) someday?

Souwer: I do not mind fighting other styles. I have a competitive character so I want to fight everybody everywhere. It does not matter if it is Muaythai or Kickboxing. MMA is difficult, because I have not trained enough in this part of sport and it is a whole different sport then Kickboxing. But we will see what the future will bring me.

K-1Fans: Do you follow K-1 World GP (HeavyWeights)? who are your favourites and who will win the K-1 WGP final this year?

Souwer: I like all the fighters. I think that Sem Schilt will win again, because the others did not find a weapon yet to beat him. It would be nice if Peter Aerts or Remy or Badr Hari would win, because it is always good if the Dutch win (hahaha).

K-1Fans: How do you wish your nexts years in your life and fighting sports?

Souwer: I want to keep on fighting until it is enough. One day I will wake up and say to myself this is my last fight. It will be a fight on the top of my skills and not when I just got over my skills. I have seen this happening to much; Ali vs Larry Holmes, Dekker vs Mes. Ali lost and Dekker lost. In their top days, Ali would never have lost against Holmes and Dekker would never have lost against Mes. It is pity, because people only remember your last fights.

K-1Fans: In the future, how would you want to continue in the fight World in the future? trainer, promoter..? what are your plans if you think about it?

Souwer: I am now building my team, my gym and my own brand. Besides these things I am organizing my first event in November 24. Maybe in the future I will do more events. For now I am focusing on my fighting.

K-1Fans: Do you like to browse the internet? what do you feel when you see your pics and storys in the net and press?

Souwer: I am proud that I use the changes I get to be in this fighting scene. These sites are mainly for the fans.

K-1Fans: Have you visited our website? do you like it?

Souwer: Yes I have. I have already wrote to threads on it. I think K-1fans is one of the best forums about fighting sports.

K-1Fans: Thanks for your words Champion. We wish you can get your wishes and objetives and continue in the top for many years. Something more to say us and your fans?

Souwer: I would like to thank everybody who has supported me, my fans, my family, my wife, my team and everybody else.
I hope that I can bring joy to the fans by doing what I do best.
I want to thank k-1fans for the attention and I hope I did not dissapoint you.

Congratulations again. And thanks VERY MUCH for the Interview.



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