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 ** BUAKAW POR PRAMUK  Interview ** by Mr.K-1

Date:1/9/2006 Time: 20.30PM
Location: Lumpini Stadium

K-1Fans: What are your hobbies or how you spend free time when you are not training/fighting?

I play bowling,I watch cinema,I stroll in department store.

K-1Fans: Who would be the fighter you would to fight next, where and why?

Buakaw: Hiroki shishido in Japan, I will emplane tomorrow at 7.00AM ,I don't know why.

K-1Fans: Who do you consider the best fighter (after you) in K-1 Max?

Ammm....unexplainedly becuase everybody good fighters,I don't think so i'm not best fighter.The best fighters must know what your job and your function.

K-1Fans: Would you like to fight Kaoklai? How do you think would be that fight vs Kaoklai?
and with Masato revenge?

Previously K-1 contact me to fight with kaoklai but cancle after that.......(some japanese girl fans take a photo with buakaw and i forget this question).....(and masato?) Masato..I want to fight with him so much,last fights in K-1 Max I expect to against him again but unfortunately masato he lose fights in semifinal.

K-1Fans: Do you think K-1 Max is enough known in thailand and will become more famous there? or K-1 rules without elbows are not very respected in thailand?

Buakaw: Not enough,K-1 don't have broadcasting in thailand so most people don't know what is K-1 only know K-1 name.

K-1Fans: Do you know about internet? have you visited k-1fans? it is a website where you have thousands of supporters.

Internet? i know it but I never visit the websites even i know about my website but i never seen yet.

K-1Fans: all our support and good luck for you, great champion. see you.
Say something to your fans please.

Thank you very much K-1fans who follow up all my fights.I will do my best,i will fights in muaythai style.


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