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 ** HIROYA Interview ** by Mr.K-1
Interview with Hiroya, "the next Masato" as they say! who is living now in Thailand and training at Kaewsamrit Gym.
Only 15 years old, but already very good fighter and surely a future star in K-1.

Made by our forum members Mr.K-1 and Tyrant_Q, and as translater Chikako Azuma (Hiroya Manager).

Hi, do you have many friends here in your new school? difficult adjust?

"Yes I have many friends in my school such as Thai, Farang, Japanese"

Which language do you use with your friends here?

"I use thai lang and I can use english a little bit"

Do your friends know that you are a K-1 fighter?

"Yes, they know because before I going to fight I must write a letter for stop learning to Teacher I tell about date of fight, Where?, How long time I stay and When I come back, I'm very lucky Mrs.Shika help me all. And my friends know because they see my fight pics."

When did you start fighting? and what your training in the past?

"In my 3-4 year old I learning Karate (not full contact). When my 10 year old I finish in Black Belt, I change to training in Kickboxing at Toel Gym and start fighting in Japan national team of Amateur Muaythai on 2005,2006 in Bangkok"

Why you want to fight? your inspiration?

"I watch K-1 in TV at this time is K-1 World Max 2002. I like K-1 Max so much. After this I dream and hope in once day I will be a K-1 Max fighter."

K-1 World MAX and K-1 World Grand Prix, Which do you prefer?

"I like K-1 World Max above."

Who is your favorite fighter?

"I like Masato so much, I usually to cheer him in every fight and Thai fighter, I like Anuwat Kaewsamrit."

What differrent Muaythai and Kick boxing for you? Which is harder?

"Very different for me because Muaythai difficult and hard training above."

What is your style in fight? kickboxing or Muaythai?

"Now I thing Kickboxing but in future when I learning muaythai well, I will mix muaythai and kickboxing syle."

Your best weapon?

"Punching and Low kick."

Why you choose training in Kaewsamrit Gym?

"Before I ever been training in this gym so make me familiar and this gym good training."

You training here, for what your purpose for add new weapon or technic and tactic?

"I training here for learning in Elbow, Knee, and wrestling in Muaythai"

Do you want to fight with thai opponent? who is fighter you looking for? and which is fight rule(K-1,kickboxing,Muaythai)?

"I want to taste it, Who ever and any rule."

Do you want to be Lumpinee or Ratchadamnern Champion?

"I want K-1 MAX Champion!"

You see Thai vs Japan(AJKF) at Ratchadamnern stadium, What do you feel about Thai and Japanese fighter?

"I feel Thai fighter is strongest because in this event japanese champion fight with Thai fighter (low Ranking) but Thai fighter can fight close harder."

Do you want to fight in Muay Kad Chuek(bare nukle Muaythai)?

"How is this fight?" (Tyrant_q: "you fight without Glove") "Oh..No I don't want it (laugh)"

You want to fight in 60kg. only or in future you will fight in 70kg.?

"Now, I'm little body, I can fight in 60kg. but in the future when my body is growing up i can get 70kg. weight class."

You want to fight with Masato or Kohiruimaki?

"Impossible because when I can fight in 70kg. maybe Masato and Kohi will retire it.(laugh)"

Who will be K-1 World Max 2007 Champion?

"I think 3 fighter can advance to final, they are Masato, Buakaw and Souwer, but in the final i want to see Buakaw vs Masato, if Extra round I think Buakaw strongest but I cheer Masato."

Please say something to your fans.

"Now, I try to training for being a good fighter, Please cheer me."

Interview thanks to Mr. K-1
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More photos of Hiroya training at Kaewsamrit here


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