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 ** JOHN WAYNE PARR Interview ** by AL3X1S

JWP flying kick in his latest fight
winning pass to K-1 Max Finals

  John Wayne Parr is in Australia getting ready for the assault to the K-1 Max title in July 20. He is training harder as ever and all us will see the strongest JWP in the finals!

  Congratulations & happy birthday John and Angela who celebrated their birthdays this week.

  He made a rest in his training and dedicated some time to this interview for his fans:

K-1Fans: Hi John, first of all, congratulations, very good fight vs Chapman! you wanted a KO and you got it. Qualified to the K-1 Max Finals!

JWP: Yes I am very happy. This year I really want to do the best that I can in the K-1 max and making the final was very important to me. Chopper is a very good fighter and many people were backing him to beat me so it feels good to beat a strong opponent.
: You have many fans that bet for you to be the K-1 Max champion this year, how do you feel? this will be your year?

JWP: It feels great having everyone support but its also a little bit of pressure because I dont want to let anyone down. Last year I was also one of the favorites but lost to Baukaw first fight, I hope this year I can get revenge for my lose.

K-1Fans: We know that National Geographic is following you since last year for a documentary called "Glory". This will be great when released! what will we see in that documentary?

JWP: You will see what really happens in the lead up to K-1, the training, making weight, the stress on the family plus the joys and also the heart break of winning and lossing, the captureed me loseing a close fight to Sakmongkon but also captured a win over Chopper, I just hope they can film me winning the Max.
National Geographic will also be traveling to Japan to interview Masato and his training plus going to Thailand to film Baukaw. I think this will be one of the best Documentary about kickboxing so far, because so many people already know the fighters involved but now they will see them out side the ring.

K-1Fans: Last year in K-1 Max, Buakaw stopped you, bad luck because he was the best in that tournament, anyway he only could win you by points in a very equal fight; and furthermore he said you was the most difficult and hard fighter he had in front (toughest than Masato). what about? ready to beat Buakaw and Masato?

"..this year I can get revenge for my lose"
"..I have a secret weapon"

JWP: I really want to beat Baukaw, last year was close but I know I can fight better. This year I have a secret weapon but you wont know until the final, but I can tell you now its going to make the biggest difference to the fight you could imagine. Masato will be a hard fight but if I train hard and not to damaged I believe I have enough ring experience to beat him.

K-1Fans: You won S-1 Championship 2003, it was very good tournament. I think that being campion there was one of your happiest days, true?

JWP: Yes, it is the happiest I have ever been after a tournament being the only one I have won. I won two fights Kings birthday in Thailand but the final was in France. I also made the final in Melbourne but lost a very close decesion to Zambidis, winning the S-1 in Thailand ment so much because I finally got the respect of the MuayThai fans.

Skarbowsky nose broken by Parr hard punch

K-1Fans: There you broke Skarbowsky nose, You are a bad boy!  ;)

JWP: Yeah, just a good shot. Could have happened to either of us, just a mater of who landed first.

K-1Fans: How many time did you fight in thailand? fights, experiences in King Birthday, thailand partners/trainers, etc..?

JWP: I fought about 30 times in Thailand. 3 times at Lumpinee, 3 times in one day Raqjadumdern, 4 King birthdays and many Songchai promotions in the country. I also made the front cover of Muay Siam Magazine in 97 which I am very proud of.

K-1Fans: I think this is difficult to answer or maybe it´s obvious, but what do you prefer: Fight in thailand (S-1 for example) , in Japan (K-1 Max) , or in Europe (SuperLeague) ?

JWPI love them all but all are different in their own way. Fighting in Thaialnd is great because the fans are true MuayThai fans and they know the real fighters from the fakes. Europe is great because the fighters have a different style but all fight very exciting and a fast pace. Japan is great because of the Japanese fans and the respect you get from the MuayThai around the world if you do well. I love fighting everywhere, as long as I am fighting.

K-1Fans: Do you prepare yourself always similar, or each fight independant? depending the fighter in front, etc, viewing his videos..?

JWP: I train pretty much the same way but I have a different game plan for every fighter. Unless I am fit I can not make my plan work, so fitness is very important.

K-1Fans: Usually there are controversy in fights, bad judge decicions, etc.
What about the decision of your fight vs Zambidis in K-1 Max Oceania, and your fight vs Sakmongkon?

Great & intense fight vs Zambidis.
Controversy in the decission.
For many fans, John should have won.

JWP: The Zambidis fight is one the will haunt me forever, it was a very close fight and I believe I won. Everyone has their opinion on who they thought won so I just have to live with the decision. I am sure we will rematch again in the future and hopefully I can win more convincing than the first to impress the judges enough to give me the win.

JWP vs Sak, one of his heros

The sakmongkon fight was also a heart breaker, I really wanted it because Sak has been my hero for so many years. After three rounds it was close but the fourth was mine no question about it. The judges couldnt make up their minds so sent us out for one more round, after giving it all I had in the 4th the wasnt much left in the fuel tank for the last. Sakmongkon is a great fighter and used his experience from keeping me from coming in and fought a very smart last round. I lost the fight but I learnt alot.

   Training to reduce weight
   Wow! 10kg in 3 days!

: I heard that your normal weight is 78 KG! How do you do to reduce 8KG and enter in K-1 MAX Weights (Under 70kg) ?

JWP: After living in Thailand so many years I learnt how to drop weight over a 3 day period, its not recommended doing it the way I do but I have pretty much mastered it now and come fight time feel strong.  The most I lost was in Las Vegas, I lost 10kg in 3 days and won a five round war against Rodtung.

K-1Fans: We hear some rumors saying that you will fight Dekkers? could be true someday?

JWP: I have no idea, it's been so long since there was talk of the fight. I am just concentrating on the Max at the moment but if the fights happen I am sure it will be one that the whole world will be talking about.

K-1Fans: It is hard to live and get money from this sport? or you consider fortunate doing what you want?

JWP: I am very lucky to be doing what I love for a job. For so many years I was just surviving from fight to fight and had to count every penny but after fifteen years I am very happy with what I am making a fight thanks to K-1. I am going to keep fighting as long as I can as long as I am winning and fighting on the big shows. The thought I retiring is always there but now I am making the money I am I would be made to give it away now.

Boonchu Gym

K-1Fans: You opened a Gym, how it goes? have you good boys already training there?

JWP: At the moment I have 100 members and about 10 fighters. Its hard to be a fighter and run the gym at the same time but I am lucky my wife Angie supports me as much as she does and does a very good job taking care of the gym when I am away.

K-1Fans: About Angela, when I first saw your Wife´s fighting photos I thought.. "Parr is lucky having that girl", she likes fighting as you, understand you, etc. how did you meet Angela?

Angela Rivera Parr

JWP: We meet at master Toddys camp in Las Vegas. I seen posters on the wall of one of Master Toddys champions and thought she was very cute. Soon as we met we started talking and never been a part since. Its so good having a wife who is also a fighter because she understands everything I am going through and can understand techniques of the sport.

K-1Fans: But how do you take and feel when she is in the ring?

Angela great front kick!

JWP: I get nervous but I also want her to win. She was one of the most famous female fighters in America when we met and I want people to remember her as one of the best.

K-1Fans: Yes, she is one of the best, we hope she demonstrate it again in your next fights, both fight in Xplosion K-1 Challenge in Australia. Good luck.

Back to K-1 Max.. this year Finals, now officially confirmed:
Masato vs Zambidis  ,  Kohi vs Souwer  ,  Parr vs Kraus  ,  Buakaw vs Jadamba

How do you imagine will be the tournament: semis, final, champion.. ?

JWP: I am hope I can give Kraus the fight of his life getting the win, next I see myself fighting Baukaw, this will be a great fight and very intense work rate but I hope I can revenge my lose, Final I think I will meet Masato, this will be another great fight and I will do everything that I can to become the 2005 K-1 Max world Champion.

JWP prediction for K-1 WORLD MAX 2005!

I Agree with your prediction! Great event! ;-)

: We are finishing this interview John. What are your future projects and thoughts for next years?

JWP: Fight as much as I can and win as many as possible!

K-1Fans: Ok, thanx for the answers my friend, I hope the fans liked reading from you.
Good luck this year and the best for you. Something more to say to the fans?

JWP: Thank you so much for all your support over the years. My next fight will be K-1 World Max final and after all these years training this is what i want more than anything, to leave my name in the record books as one of the worlds best. If you ever see me at the fights please say hello because meeting fans from the internet always makes me happy.


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