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 ** JAE SIK CHOI  Interview ** by Mr.K-1

On Tuesday 31/10/2006 I met K-1 fighter from Korea Jae Sik Choi at Muaythaiplaza2004 gym.
He come to training here for 3 months so I come to activate him to K-1fans and interview some questions.

Mr.K-1: How many times have you been to Thailand?

Jae Sik: 2 time,first time i come to trainning at Por.Samranchai Gym.This gym trainning hard.

Mr.K-1: Where is your gym in Korea? and who is your trianer?

Jae Sik: Kung sung gym in Seoul,my trainer is Kung Hwan.

Mr.K-1: Why do you choose here(MTP2004)? who is your recommender?

Jae Sik: Samkor because previously he come to fight in KOMA and this event i fight too so i know him and we are good friend.

Mr.K-1: How old are you?your first fight and your fight record?

Jae Sik:
I'm 29 year old,My first fight in 2001,My record is 17 time 11win 4lose 1Draw,in K-1 3 time 1win 2lose.

Mr.K-1: do you have a problem with defence because you fight with 1 arm? and what is your solve if opponent kick to your short arm?

Jae Sik:
No problem with me because i avoid and Block with my leg.

Mr.K-1: Did you amputated since you was born?or Do you have an accident with your arm?

Jae Sik:
Yes...Accident,when i was young(9 year old) i going to rice farm for lark around and i kept a rice stretch out to combine so my arm cut off.I running 2 km. to my home when my mother see me...Ha ha ha...she bellow(Aaghhhhhh...) and block a car to hospital.

Mr.K-1: Why do you like to fight?

Jae Sik:
i like muaythai so much bacause it is a sport of machismo and make soul fighter.

Mr.K-1: Why do you choose Muaythai while your country most poppular in taekwondo?

Jae Sik:
muaythai is strongest i choose muaythai because i dispirit with my life,muaythai make me strong and give me moral support.

Mr.K-1: Your next fight?

Jae Sik:
next year in K-1 Khan.

Mr.K-1: Your dream?

Jae Sik:
married...open my gym and teach muaythai.

Mr.K-1: Thank you, I wish you sucsess with your dream.

Jae Sik:
Thank you.

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