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 ** KAOKLAI KAENNORSING  Interview ** by Mr.K-1

28/7/2006 Kaoklai come to Muaythaiplaza Gym for promote Slamm Events "Netherland VS Thailand" so good opportunity for interview him.

K-1Fans: Have you visited K-1fans where you have lot of supporters? if not. please do it someday

Never,I don't know how to conect to internet and use computer.

K-1Fans: Have you seen "Big Kaoklai Highlight by AL3X1S"? did you like it?

never seen yet,I don't know.

K-1Fans: How did you arrived to K-1 WGP?

i arrive in shinnihonkickboxing Then 2004 K-1 contact me to fights in K-1 ASIA Tournament in Souel,Korea

K-1Fans: Are you happy to fight in K-1?

It's OK,I happy,Unconcern.

K-1Fans: What do you feel fighting guys 40 kg bigger than you?

I don't think over,may be hard to fight so i planning to fight with save myself and less hurt.

K-1Fans: What is the your technique to use against a bigger opponent?

I will use muaythai style.I would like punching,kicking to get point than KO.

K-1Fans: before fighting with Mighty Mo, you though you could make that awesome KO?

I see Mighty Mo fight in Elimination round. I think i can win by point but never think about KO.

K-1Fans: Do you prefer to fight in Thailand Muaythai rules, K-1 WGP or K-1 Max?

I like to fight in K-1 because more money but recently K-1 often to change in the rule.

K-1Fans: how is a day in your life? (training, work, family, relationships, free time, hobbys)

I trainning,listen to music,I seldom going out side the gym.

K-1Fans: How you explains you can handle heavyweight opponents but doesn't dominate against lighter opponents.

heavyweight fighters slowly.I can see what weapons hold out.But In 70Kg. weight class i must to lose weight,very tire,If opponent fast speed than me may be difficult to fight.

K-1Fans: Would you want to fight with Buakaw?

previously K-1 contact me to fight with Buakaw in K-1 MAX but i don't know why this bout cancle.so K-1 chance me to fight with Yoshihiro Sato.Sato fresh than me because he don't lose weight like me.

K-1Fans: If you would like to fight Buakaw. What were your hardest fights?

(laugh)...If i fight buakaw i think i can't beat him because Buakaw strong than me and kick severely. i.e.if i fight in heavyweight i would like to punching and distance but in 70kg. i must crash.When i lose weight i don't have power.

K-1Fans: Do you think your boxing skills need to improve if you fight in K-1 max?

up to who is my opponent.

K-1Fans: Who is good fighter in K-1?you thought?

Kaoklai: I think Remy bonjasky but most big fighters use technique normally.

K-1Fans: Once you fight with alexy Ignashov and you kneel down when ignashov kicking, what do you think your action at that time.

At that time i wanna kick him but ignashov counter exactly.Then i have motive to kneel down.

K-1Fans: K-1 GAME use your action do you ever play your character in this game?

Kaoklai: (laugh)...Yes,I play it too.In K-1 game i'm the world Champion but in fact i never hold it.

K-1Fans: Where do you uses to make your training, what gym?if you receive letter from fans,you can reply?

I training at Jocky Gym,I receive letters very much but i don't have time to reply.

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