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 ** KAOLAN KAO-VI-CHIT  Interview ** by Mr.K-1

13/6/2006 We come to interview Kaolan Kaovichit at S.K.V.Gym (Kaolan very nice guy he wait Speed_Demon for take photographs)

Mr.K-1: Kaolan,You stop fight 2 year,Where are you? and what are you doing?

I continue to study and graduate from Suan Dusit Rajabhat University about Sports Science and recover my shoulder.Now i practice at S.K.V.Gym

Mr.K-1: What happen with your shoulder?

Injury,I'm a athlete of University,i have competition in ametuer boxing after that my right shoulder is hurt but i think may be not impact in the future so i don't cure.last fights i fought with Katto(Japanese fighter) in Lumpini stadiam,round 3 i have problem with my right shoulder and katto throwing punch,elbow and referee stop fights.

Mr.K-1: Recently you come to fights in K-1 World Max 2002,How about your accept to K-1?

"Sianao"or Mr.Virat Wachirarattanawong to administer everything.

Mr.K-1: Do you know K-1 rule?How do you practice for advance to final round?

Kaolan: Yes,I know.don't throwing elbow,the tournament eliminate Cuts to Survivor and finish on the same day.so I have to practice much more than normally.

Mr.K-1: Do you know K-1 Fighter before fight?elsewho?

Yes,I know Shen"Shoppa"Shapman and Masato.

Mr.K-1: In K-1 many have fighting style such as Karate,Kickboxing,Kungfu,Taekwondo.How about those style and weapon with muaythai?

very different.Karate and Kickboxing like to use punch and low kick,don't have knee kick and throwing elbow.Muaythai very completely such as punch,elbow,knee,kick.

Mr.K-1: How about Zhang Jiapo and Takayuki Kohiruimaki you have fought?

Zhang Jiapo trivial,I think Kohi good fight than masato but Kohi less hardihood and masato have punch only.

Mr.K-1: In the final you fight with Albert Kraus,if kraus don't throwing punch do you think you deserved the winner?

May be win ahh..unfortunately very much,Someone say i fixed game to get money.itn't true. :( this is a game,everyone can mistake. I'm really going to lose fights.

Mr.K-1: Why you don't come to fight in K-1 for next year(2003)?

You know?When i have lose everybody disinterest me.next year i can't to extend a contract,everything stop for me and i hear about Master Ishii for this year he was a tax dodger,not sure may be rumor.

Mr.K-1: If possible you want to fight in K-1 again?

Kaolan: Yes,I need to fight in K-1 so much,worthwhile,but i just to make my new form for come back.

Mr.K-1: Who is the fighter you want to face in Thailand and Japan?

In Thailand don't have big fighters.In japan whoever, i require around 70-72 kg.

Mr.K-1: Before your weight is 75 kg.Now what's the right weight for you?

Today is 73.5 kg.I lose weight.

Mr.K-1: Kaoklai he fight in heavy weight,do you want to fight like kaoklai?

up to chance.

Mr.K-1: When you retire,what do you want to do in the future?

I want to open my gym in my hometown.

Mr.K-1: This year Buakaw will fought with Yoshihiro Sato in K-1 World Max 2006~final on 30/6/2006,What's the weapon of Sato you've ever fought?and tell us for buakaw to careful.

Sato is so-so only have punch if bukaw don't careless.I think buakaw will success.

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