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 ** ALVIAR LIMA and ALBERT KRAUS  Interview ** by Onne1983
Yesterday I went to a small dutch village in the south of Holland. There in the middle of a quiet neighbourhood in Zevenbergen stands a big square red building with 2 large SuperPro signs on the front. This is where K-1 icon Albert Kraus is training for his next fight in the K-1MAX against Mike Zambidis. This is also where Alviar Lima is preparing himself for his long awaited MAX debut against Mark Vogel.

When I got inside I got welcomed by a big friendly guy. This is Dennis Krauweel, the trainer.
bit by bit al the guys of the gym walk in for there 90 minutes of punishment.
All the guys introduce themself and when you are there you get the feeling that you are in a local club house.

These guys are all good friends and the atmosphere is just plain relaxed.
But looks may be deceiving. They start with some rope skipping, and after that the fighters that have to fight this week are just training some Combinations and condition.
The other fighters are summond in the ring for some old fashioned sparring. After that they do some push up's and sit-ups, and after 1 and a half hour this training is over.

But nobody leaves straight away, and they all stay for a little chat.

Interview with Aalviar Lima

Hi Alviar.


K-1Fans: Your gonna fight at 70kg, but what is your favorite weight to fight at?

AL: I prefer 72,5 kg, but the biggest challenges are in the -70 class.

K-1Fans: You will fight at the next K-1MAX event against Mark Vogel, is this official and what do you know about him?

AL: Yes it's official, but i don't know much about him except i saw him fight against Barakat and he pushed Vogel backwards the whole fight. and i beat Barakat without real big problems,

K-1Fans: Who do you want to fight best in the MAX?

AL: Souwer. We have some unfinished business. (referring to their fight that went to a draw). I should have won that fight.

K-1Fans: Do you have other fights on your agenda?

AL: Yes, in 2 weeks i fight Yucel Fidan for a world title. and then i focus on the MAX.

K-1Fans: What was your toughest fight untill now?

AL: That was against Pajonsuk in 2006.

K-1Fans: What is your biggest achievement in your career?


K-1Fans: Who is your favorite fighter:

AL: That guy!!! (points to Albert Kraus)

K-1Fans: Your about 30 now. Do you already know what your plans are after your fighting career?

AL: Yes, I'm hoping to start my own gym.

K-1Fans: Thank you for your time and good luck, Do you have something to say to the members of K-1fans.com?

AL: WATCH ME, and you will not be dissapointed!

Interview with Albert Kraus

K-1Fans: Hi Albert.

AK: Hi

K-1Fans: Can you give us your opinion about your fight against Buakaw?

AK: Well made no sense at all. the draw was ok imo, but the extra round was clearly for me. His main weapon were kicks to my body but they landed on my block and so didn't count in K-1rules.

K-1Fans: How would you handle Buakaw next time?

AK: The same because i was doing ok in my opinion!

K-1Fans: Can you already tell us who's gonna be your next opponent?

AK: It's not official yet.

K-1Fans: What are your goals for the rest of your career?

AK: Winning as much as possible and be a succesfull coach.

K-1Fans: What was your biggest achievement in your career!

AK: Winning the MAX back in 2002.

K-1Fans: Who is your favorite fighter?

AK: Peter Aerts.

K-1Fans: Who were your toughest opponents:

AK: Sato and Chapman

K-1Fans: You are training and coaching fighters yourself now, how many students do you have?

AK: Around 60, about 40 who are doing it for fun and 20 of them are fighting in the ring.

K-1Fans: Are you planning to do this after your fighting career?

AK: Yes, I love doing it and i want to stay a part of the fight sport!

K-1Fans: Thanx for your time, Do you have any words for the members on K-1fans?

AK: Thanx for the support, and i will keep doing my best to show you good fights and win them!

Thank you Dennis, Albert, Alviar, Guy and the rest of the superpro team for everything.


Photo Report from Friends Gym

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