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 ** LINDA OOMS  Interview ** by Kai

Linda Ooms (22 years old) from KB Brummen is one of the best female fighters of her weight class. She started Kickboxing at the age of 9 years old and she still loves the sport.
She also won the W.F.C.A Benelux title -52.5kg in the B-class and now she is fighting in the A class.
Time for a small interview with Linda Ooms

Heej Linda how are you doing?? probably training very hard for your next fight against one of the best female fighters from Holland:
Ilonka ""killer Queen"" Elmont?

I知 fine thank you! I知 very busy with preparing for my fight against Ilonka. I知 training almost every day. Besides training I知 studying movement sciences in Amsterdam.

What are your thoughts about your next fight?
I致e trained very hard for this fight. I think it will be one of my toughest fights ever but I will do everything in my power to defeat Ilonka!

You also fought Ilonka Elmont before in boxing rules?? How was that fight?
Two weeks before the fight they asked me if I wanted to fight Ilonka on boxing rules. My trainer and I thought this was a challenge so we accepted the invitation. Although I lost by a points decision, I think the fight went very well and I got a lot of compliments for my fight.

Do you have some other fights sheduled this year?
I値l be fighting in Scotland on May 13th and I値l have an European title fight on June 4th in Druten, the Netherlands. I don稚 know yet who my opponents will be on both dates.

How did you start with Kickboxing?
I started kickboxing when I was 9 years old. My father wanted that his daughters could defend themselves, so one day I visited a gym with my father and my two little sisters. I saw a girl kickboxing and I thought 的 want that too! Now many years later, I知 still kickboxing!

What is your record?
Kickboxing/thaiboxing: 18 Fights, 12 wins (2ko), 4 losses and 2 draws.
Boxing: 1 Fight, 1 loss.

What was your toughest fight and what was your best fight in your whole career?
I think all my fights were good (also the ones I lost) and I can稚 name on in particular. I think my toughest fight will be on March 5th!

You also fought some fights in UK right? How are the fans there and how do your think about the UK female fighters?
I think the fans are great. They are very enthusiastic! The UK has got good women fighters, like Mary Hart and Lisa Houghton-Smith. I know they often train in Thailand and they are good in clinching and fighting with elbows.

What can we expect from Linda Ooms with your career in the future??
I want to become the best female fighter (kickboxing/thaiboxing) in my weight division (50-52.5kg). I知 going to train very hard to accomplish this. So just watch me!

Besides kickboxing I maybe want to do some boxing and go to the Olympics, when women boxing is an Olympic sport!

Do you want to say something to the fans?
I thank all my fans for their support and their believes in me! They give me strength to continue! I hope my fights will be fights they enjoy to see!

Big thanks for the interview Linda, we will meet each other on 5 march RINGS gala, we will support each other .
See you soon.

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