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 ** MELVIN MANHOEF Interview **  by AL3X1S

Interview with a rising star in K-1 and already in MMA,
Melvin "Marvellous" Manhoef

Great Fighter with very good skills and records both in KickBoxing and Mixed Martial Arts. His power and explosivity make him a very hard fighter who is always for the fans very entertaining to see, giving spectacle and action on the ring.

K-1Fans: Hi Melvin, we are happy that you dedicate time to answer this interview. Your fighting is very good and spectacular and that is very appreciated to see. We suppose are training very hard to shine in Tokyo.

Melvin: Hi! Yes, Iím training a lot at the moment indeed.

K-1Fans: About your next fight, you are replacing Choi in the K-1Final for the SuperFight vs Sefo. How do you see this fight and this opponent? That fight could be a war! both are explosive and there will be many power on the ring.

Melvin: Itís the second reserve-match for the tournament. Ray Sefo is one of the strongest fighters of the K-1 couple years ago I was already a fan of him. Now I may fight against him, Iím proud of that! Iíve to be focussed during the fight and it will be a good test for me.

K-1Fans: Initially there were rumors that you would fight Bob Sapp in a SuperFight, or maybe in Dynamite. Would you like to fight Sapp? We think you have much more skills, speed and stamina. what tactic or weapons would you use to defeat the Beast and in what style K-1/MMA?

Melvin: But he has much more weight so thatís always more difficult! Maybe I have more technical fighting skills but the weight difference is very important! Because of the weight difference I would prefer K-1 rules. The main weapon should be strategy.

K-1Fans: LeBanner is your opponent for K-1 Europe / Itís Showtime Amsterdam. Other difficult fight, you are optimist and ready to win Jerome?

Melvin: Iím a rookie within the K-1 circuit. Iím getting the great names in a short period of time but thatís also the best way to test myself. After these matches I know my skills and which skills Iíve to improve. But Iím not going to the ring and fight if I donít give myself any chance!

K-1Fans: We have named 2 of the greatest and strongest fighters ever in K-1 (LeBanner and Sefo) so seems that your time have arrived and winning these 2 fighters you could put your name in K-1 History. How do you feel about that, and which are your goals in K-1?

Melvin: At the moment I donít know how that feels.. After that maybe my goal could be set to enter a K-1 GP Final to be one of the 8 best kick boxers of the world! But every goal should be made step by step.

K-1Fans: You are very good both in K-1 and MMA (were you have great titles), in which one you feel better? which style you prefer to fight?

Melvin: At the moment I should prefer MMA because I made 14 wins in a row until the K-1 Heroís Final. Now I have to fight at K-1 rules against Ray Sefo. Both systems I like so much and I never could choose between them.

K-1Fans: Were you angry after losing the HERO'S Final vs Akiyama?
Would you like a rematch?

Melvin: I was angry on myself. After seeing the video I know what I did wrong. He did the right thing. Of course I want a rematch with or without gi!

K-1Fans: Was also sad your injury in K-1 Europe in Amsterdam.
We saw you and did bet for you or Ignashov for the Winner. With Iggy in not 100% shape, you were the favourite for the fans. Do you think the same?

Melvin: I think that I could get further in the tournament that time. But I could not fight anymore so we never should know for sure..

K-1Fans: Letís go to the beginning.. How and when you started in this world of fighting sports?

Melvin: Iím a late beginner. When I was 18 I quit soccer. My uncle, who was a good kick boxer at that time, brought me to a gym and it seemed that I was talented for this sport. After that I was a couple of years out of the kickboxing-circuit but since 2 years now I do everything to reach my goals in the sport!

K-1Fans: What do you do in your daily life when you are not training? what are your hobbies?

Melvin: My kids of course!

K-1Fans: Wich are or were your idols in world of martial arts?

Melvin: In K-1 Peter Aerts, Ernesto Hoost and Ray Sefo(!), in MMA Sakuraba and Wanderlei Silva.

K-1Fans: How is your training routine? (kickboxing and mma + weigh-training) and your secrets to have that explosiveness?

Melvin: thatís my secret ;)

K-1Fans: Who are your sparring partners? (Team Manhoef)

Melvin: For this match I sparred a lot with heavyweight fighters like Martin Scholsberg and Joseph. But there are a lot other guys I spar with at our gym!

K-1Fans: How was your period at the chakuriki gym? and now in Mikeīs Gym?

Melvin: Almost the same; training the WHOLE DAY. Now Iím training more specified for a match or opponent and thatís maybe heavier than before.

K-1Fans: What do you feel and think before a fight?

Melvin: I think only to fight and make war when I enter the ring.

K-1Fans: By curiosity, Why did you wear that T-shirt "Badr says fuck Karaev" during the final eliminations!

Melvin: Haha, Because it was the shirt of Badr. Every team member of our gym has his own shirt.

K-1Fans: Do you, Drago and Badr Hari train together now you are fighting for team it's showtime?

Melvin: Yes, sometimes train with them. Not always.

K-1Fans: How do you feel about getting positive reactions outside the Netherlands for your great accomplishments and when you come back, nothing is on the news.
It's a great mystery for us why nothing ever comes on the news or on television in the Netherlands, while you have such great fighters like yourself. (even though you have A LOT of Dutch fans on our forum)

Melvin: Iím always happy that outside the Netherlands the audience appreciate our work more. But itís good to be in the Netherlands to stay again on your both feet. That motivates you even harder to train!

K-1Fans: SBS6 (Dutch television company) might broadcast the finals on the 2nd of December, will that finally be the breakthrough in the Dutch media for Dutch fighters?

Melvin: Yes it will. But also the amount of the Dutch fighters in the K-1 now. Great to see this sport more on tv. For every fighter is winning a breakthrough!

K-1Fans: How would you wish to be your career in the next years?

Melvin: Every year step by step I want to improve myself. I want to stay at the top between the top fighters. Maybe a Heroís title or K-1 title?

K-1Fans: You would like to say something to your next opponent Ray Sefo before the fight?

Melvin: Itís a honour to fight him and I respect him very much. Iím happy that he didnít refuse to fight against me because Iím a beginner in the K-1. Let I be a great fight and knowing Ray Sefo; he will!

K-1Fans: Thanks for the interview Melvin. All our support and best luck in Tokyo and your next fights. Something more you would like to say to all your fans?

Melvin: Iím happy with the fans! They like me and Iíve gain much support by that. It motivates me to show you nice fights! Thanks!

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