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 ** MIKE ZAMBIDIS Interview ** by Lopez1986
Interview with Mike Zambidis by the new fighting reporter Lopez1986.

"Iron Mike" arrived Holland to start training with Ramon Dekkers and Cor Hemmers in Team Golden Glory, to prepare his next fight in October 3 in the K-1 World MAX Final 2007.

You have been with K-1 Max from the start and competed in 3 tournaments so far, will this one be any different for u?

Yes, first I got into K-1 I beat Kraus on KO, but I didn’t get a contract with K-1. Now I do, and more important… I don’t have first fight with Japanese.

How do you feel, and what do you know about your opponent, Arthur Kyshenko?

I’ll know more about Kyshenko next week, because I get a DVD with a lot of his fights. I think he’s a good fighter and i respect him. I’ll do the best i can

What are your expectations for this fight?

(Mike thinks and smiles…)I don’t tell. No good things for Kyshenko ;)

You have beaten Drago for your spot in the finals. Before, you stated you were at 70% of your max performance, will we see a 100% ready Zambidis in the finals?

I hope so. I’m on scatual, everything is good and i hope to have maximum power. My condition is very good right now.

If you look back at your fight with Drago, what is the first thing that comes up in your head.

(Mike thinks and smiles...)It was like a streetfight, many punches and kicks at a very high rate. I tought I needed 3 rounds, but after the 3rd round i sit and relax. I know extra round come.
I think he has a very strong heart. My body burned after 3 rounds.

You started training with Ramon Dekkers here in Holland, what is different for you?

Too many fighters for sparring. I know Ramon from Dvd from 10 years ago. i saw it and liked his style alot. And after some years one time a friend from Greece came here. I see Ramon first time in K-1 2 years ago.
Ramon Dekkers and Cor Hemmers is very good training and is my style, I’m here for that and the sparring.

What is Sparring with Nicky Holtzken like?

He is very good fighter, good for sparring.
In Holland the level is very good, many experienced fighters.

What do you think of the dutch way of training? what are the differences compared to the "greek" way of training?

Its not different but in Greece I have a gymnastic, my dentist, my foodnutricion, and i have one good thing, my coach Panagiotis Sozos! My training is close with hemmers training.

The line-up of this years MAX final is alot different from previous years as Masato himself asked to fight Buakaw in the first quarters. You have fought both of them, who do you think has the most chances of winning?(and why)

Masato, because it’s the first fight (QF). He's a very good fighter. Buakaw is not a KO fighter. Masato has alot experience and is very fast. Buakaw not, he went a little bit down while I see Masato growing in MAX. Maybe is something mental.and Masato is Japanese, its not easy to win a fight by points. Masato’s condition is very good and boxing faster than Buakaw.

What do you think of the other final matchups?
Kraus vs Sato, Souwer vs Drago
Who will win and why?

Its not easy. This year is a very good k-1 max final. Every fight is very close. We dont know what will happen. Sato - Kraus second fight is different, alot of psychology now for Sato because he lost to Kraus before.
And Andy – Drago… pfff who will win???

What has been your toughest fight in MAX?


What has been your most important fight in your career?

Pfff…i have 148 fights, its too many. But for k-1 my first time was very important, with Kraus. Most fighters lose first fight because the atmosphere is too heavy, Japan, fans, everything.
Besides that Albert was K-1 champion and had a good name.

Out of the MAX fighters, who is your favorite?

(Coach says Kraus and both laugh) I don’t have a one, if you ask me boxing i tell you Tyson, and Ray John jr.But i think Masato, I like him but not because he's strong or something.
But i respect him because he's very experienced and always very relaxt and calm in the ring no matter what.

Who do you give the most chance of winning? (besides yourself)

I think, because its k-1 its not easy to tell.
The first fights are all 50-50, its all close.
Plus there are alot of things involved, injuries, cuts.

I thank Mike for the interview, but before I get up, Mike wants to say something:

“I like to thank Cor Hemmers and Ramon Dekkers for the way they threated me while I was here. I’m very grateful for that, and there training will help me to evolve as a fighter.
Ramon and Cor, thank you so much!!!”


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