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 ** MURAT DIREKCI Interview ** by oharra
Interview with Murat Direkci by our member oharra.

Murat recently fought in K-1 World MAX -Final 16- Eliminations.
He lost in Japan vs Yoshihiro Sato, anyway we think he still can be a serious candidate for the next years K-1 MAX Final because he has a very good technique and spirit. Good luck for him also in his next fight vs Nieky Holzken.

Who are the topfighters in K-1 MAX and why you think so?

Almost everyone there is a topfighter, the level is very close to each other, but Andy, Masato & Buakaw stay the favorites.

Do you want to fight Buakaw someday?

Sure, I want to fight all the best fighters in the world, and he's certainly one of them.

How old were you when you started training muaythai?

17, but I've done karate & pincak silat before that.

Who were your favorite fighters when you started training?

Najim Ettouhlali, Ramon Dekker & Mustapha Dédé, for boxing Mike Tyson & Roy Jones jr.

Who would you most like to fight?

I'll fight anyone, I'll never avoid a fighter, I want to have fought the best in the world.

What kind of rules suits you better: full thai rules or K-1 MAX?

I think I can do them both, both of the rules suit me well.

Who is the best pound for pound Turkish muay thai fighter?

I don't know. There are very good ones.

Do you know someone named oharra? (lol)

Yes, He's a student of mine, and a good one too.

Do you watch K-1 World GP?

Yes, mostly I do.

Who are your favorite fighters in the World GP?

I think Peter Aerts is superb, and Badr Hari is doing great either.

Did you ever fight any of the K-1 guys outside of K-1?

Yes, Drago in the Amsterdam Arena (Showtime) in 2005, also fought him already in the B-class in Holland.

How do you look back on your impressive victories you had over Joerie Mes, Fikri Tijarti, Ray Staring, Albert Kraus etc. after you had a few losses in 2005?

Good, it was great, to fight topfighters and win is always great.

Do you have any plans with some of your students to bring them to a higher level?

I've got more than 250 students, with more than 50 ringfighters, we started 4 years ago and we already have 5 A fighters & 4 B class fighters, so there certainly will break some through.

How's kickboxing in Belgium evolving, is it getting as big as in the Netherlands so we can have a K-1 MAX tournament here too?

That might be yes, when I see how the B-class fighers are now, I think so.

What do you think of your last fight with Faldir Chahbari? (rematch, was a draw)

A lot of people with muay thai experience said I won, but it's the judges who decide.

We saw Edwin Van Os (Drago's trainer) in your corner in Japan, did you ask him to coach you there?

I asked him on the plane, because my friend Dédé couldn't be there.

Do you want to say something about your match with Sato?

Somehow my condition wasn't 100%, because I got tired. In Belgium I still was in great shape tough. I also contused my fist in the first round. Hahaha, sato really has a hard head but I certainly want to fight him again!

Ok, Thanks for your time and the interview, do you still have a message for your fans @ K-1fans.com?

I want to thank all my fans here, appreciate all of your support, I'll do my best to make good fights in the future & to score in K-1.

Hope you enjoy it a bit.

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