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 ** PETER AERTS Interview ** by AL3X1S

Interview with the Best KickBoxer of all Times, Peter "The Dutch Lumberjack" Aerts

Living Legend of Kickboxing, 3 Times K-1 WGP Champion, finalist in all previous K-1s since 1993, KO Artist, Peter Aerts, after his today training dedicated us some time of his busy agenda to answer these questions for his fans!

K-1Fans: Hi Peter, greetings from K-1Fans Community where you have a lot of fans and supporters.
Are you recovered from your virus/injury that didn´t let you fight in Osaka?

Aerts: Hi. Yes, I am totally recovered from that virus. It was not an injury that some of the rumors said. I got this unique virus from food in a different country. I fly frequently so I do not know which country it was. However, I felt really tired in the morning and together with our Team Doctor Bert van Wingerden found a solution. After checking my blood we needed a cure. This cure was not in the Netherlands but abroad, so we had to wait for a few days. But a few days after I recovered fine and could continue my daily training.

Defeating the 2005
 K-1 Champion

K-1Fans: This is the first K-1 without you as Finalist, do you feel different? You hope being in the final if some of the 8 have an injury?

Aerts: It was bad luck for me but I cannot do anything about this. That is not a sportive questions. If I am in the tournament I will surely win, but I will not hope that one of the eight will have an injury. If I have to fight, I fight to win.

K-1Fans: Which is your favorite THIS YEAR for the Champion? And for the NEXT YEARS who will be dominant in your opinion?

Aerts: Next year is impossible to say. However, looking at the last months I think that Sem Schilt has a very good chance to win this year again.

K-1Fans: What about Team Aerts, do you think some champion will appear from your Team someday?

Aerts: Yes, definitely. We have only strong and motivated fighters and all have that drive what it takes to be a champion.

K-1Fans: About your career, what is the best and the worst you have lived in world of this sport?

Aerts: There are many nice things in my career, I have won a lot of fights and several times the K-1 championship. So too many nice things.
However, the worst in this sport is the politics and unfair games played. I will say no more, but you know what I am talking about.

His latest KO,
vs Hiraku Hori

K-1Fans: Do you think a kickboxer is enough paid? can live very well with money from this sport? or you would have prefer to choose to be a football player ;) ?

Aerts: On top sport level, a football player has a lot of money, but so is a kickboxer or K-1 fighter on top level. I cannot complain! However, both amateur football players and amateur kickboxers are paid less. In my opinion, you do not choose for the money, but you always choose for the sport. I like kickboxing / k-1!!

K-1Fans: What about don´t see many Kickboxing in dutch television? how can it be as underrated in a country with all those champions?

Aerts: That’s a nice question you have to ask to the Dutch broadcasting channels. Not me!!

Winning his first K-1
Belt in 1994

K-1Fans: You think that golden epoque of K-1 is finished? are non-technical giants (akebono, sapp, choi..) replacing the real warriors (you, lebanner, sefo, filho, hug, hoost, bernardo..)?

Aerts: Be careful what you say. Replacing?!! I disagree with you. It is just temporarily, real strong and technical warriors will always stay. Akebono, Sap, Choi.. did they ever win the K-1?

K-1Fans: Who are your best friends in K-1 and why? and your "enemies"?

Aerts: I have many friends in K-1 and we do respect each other. Of course I have a few I really dislike, but hé, that’s life!..

K-1Fans: You have recently moved from trainer, why? and how is your new training routine with Jan Plas?

Aerts: Jan Plas is very good for my training. I has many, many years of experience. He was already fighting when it was not even called kickboxing.

Jan Plas is technically very good and he trains me hard and tough. Today we had a perfect training. However I had a little flu and a minor headache,

He expected the best from me and I had to continue hard…

Peter Aerts, Jan Plas, Henry Hooft  @ Team Aerts

K-1Fans: what do you do in your daily life and hobbies? (when you are not dedicated to training or sport)

Aerts: Simple,.. my children are my main hobby. They are great and I love to play with them and have fun.

Aerts MMA fight

K-1Fans: How do you appreciate your MMA fight experience? would you have more fights in MMA?

Aerts: Kickboxing / K-1 is still my top game, however I love to fight, no matter how and who.

K-1Fans: What opinions can you give us about K-1MAX? (your favourites fighters, level, champions, etc)

Aerts: Everything about K-1 is quality and great. K-1 Max is really great and all have great fighters.

K-1Fans: what fighters you would like to fight next if you could choose? reasons?

Aerts: Any fighter!!

K-1Fans: what about musashi fight? ready to fight him at 100% and KO him?

Aerts: Yes, I will tear his head off!

K-1Fans: have you visited K-1Fans.com? Visit us! would be an honor ;D

Aerts: Of course I will visit your website when this interview and the pictures are on-line.
Both Henri Hooft and myself thank you for the great K-1Fans.com t-shirts.

K-1Fans: Thanks for this interview and have time to speak to the fans.
Best luck in Tokyo and next fights. You are a Living Legend. Something more to say to the fans?

Peter and me in Amsterdam

Aerts: The fans are great. Daily we have thousands and thousands of visitors at our website. Today we had the Japanese television at our training facility.

Big fans follow us everywhere and even create websites and blogs for us. We receive many e-mails with request if I can give trainings and demonstrations.

I hope you understand that I cannot answer all of the e-mails we receive. However, read them with great joy and I frequently sign a lot of Peter Aerts cards and give this to my promoter to sent this by mail. The fans are doing a great job and we hope we can do something in return by winning our fights. I wish you all good health.

Osu!   Peter Aerts


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