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 ** SAMKOR KIATMONTEP  Interview ** by Mr.K-1

13/6/2006 Me (Mr.K-1), tyrand_q(thai K-1Fan), Speed_Demon come to Muaythai Plaza 2004 gym of Mr.Pong for interview with "Batman" Samkor Kiatmontep.

Mr.K-1: Samkor,Why you use "Batman"for your nickname?How about the background?

Samkor: "Batman" creat by reporters and Samkor stand for 3 owner's name,I use it since i start first fights.at that time i'm 15-16 year old and 100lb.

Mr.K-1: You often fighting in foreign country,You like to fight in Europe,Japan or other?

Samkor: I like to fight in japan because the fighting is most poppular,good fame,most audiences,most friends.

Mr.K-1: How much you get the money?

I receive 60% around 300,000 baht per fight.

Mr.K-1: You like to fight in muaythai rule or Kickboxing rule?

I like to fight in muaythai rule,KIckboxing can not use elbow.

Mr.K-1: Since you fights as yet,Who is the hard fighter?

I thought is Namkabuan,Thirdkiat and Sillapathai and foreign fighters is don't hard for me.

Mr.K-1: If you can fight in K-1,Who is the fighter you want to face?

Whoever,I want to fight before,you can get money 6-700,000 baht per fights but very difficult to sign in because K-1 choose many best champions around the world.

Last fights you kick wilfred montagne so hard until wilfred'arm broken,finish fights you lose,how do you think?

I think i must control one's mind if i need to fight in kickboxing rule.

Mr.K-1: Next fights you will face Danny Bill in full muaythai rule,you thought?

I thought danny bill he is old fighter but i don't improvident.

Mr.K-1: OK samkor,Good luck in next fights,Please you write a message to muaythai fans and K-1 fans.Kob khun krab


"ask for muaythai fans-K-1 fans have to good luck and happy forever,Thank you,Samkor Kiatmontep."

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