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 ** YOSHIHIRO SATO Interview ** by AL3X1S

Sato Victory

  Yoshihiro Sato is in Japan getting ready for the assault to the K-1 Max title in June 30. He is training very hard because he wants to become the real Hero of K-1 MAX 2006!

  Skills, stamina, technique, height, spirit... we think he has everything to get the champion belt. He has a difficult road to the final, fighting strongest fighters, but thatīs the reason why he joined K-1 Max, to beat strongest fighters in the world.

  He made a rest in his training and dedicated some time to this interview for his fans:

K-1Fans: Hi Yoshihiro,
first, congratulations, you are doing better in each fight, you are in K-1 Max Final, and we think you have many chances to win in Tokyo!

yoshi-HERO: Hello, ALEX!
Thanks, I try this interview for k-1fans,
but I don't speak English very good. I'm sorry.

K-1Fans: No prob, my english isnīt perfect neither! anyway yours is improving with the time.

Sato Rammuay

Letīs go a little in the past, so the fans can meet you better:

How and why did you start training/fighting?

yoshi-HERO: I remember I started training on April 12.
Because My teacher "Jiro Komori" said to me "Start training on April 12."
I was 14 years old.
It was my best friend of "Takuma Sugiura" who introduced me in martial arts.
He was Pro Kick boxer, too.
But he have to stop Kickboxer by disease. I was very sad.

How many time have you been in thailand and which were your best experiences there?

yoshi-HERO: I have been in thailand to 4 times.
I think my best fighting experience was VS Chanpuaq. (but I lost...)

Sato in thailand Sato in thailand Sato in thailand Sato in thailand

Where do you uses to make your training, what gym, and how is your training routine before a fight?

Sato trainingyoshi-HERO: I do my training in Nagoya.
My gym's name is "Nagoya JK factory".
My training is very popular. but I do nothing special.

Training is 5 hours a day.

Do you live from fighting? Or you have also a job, you study..

yoshi-HERO: Yes, I do.
But my effort really has been rewarded.
Before, I was jr.High school student. Now, only fighting. Thank you for everyone's support.

What are your hobbies and what do you like to do in your free time?Sato Cat!

yoshi-HERO: My hobbies are travelling, play with my cat "Leonard"Damian"Sato".
And I take food to goldfish.

Sato model evolution!
What about you modeling clothes for some brands (Evolution) in japan?

yoshi-HERO: My Plain clothes is Evolution.
And my Sports wear is Adidas.
Very nice.


Letīs talk about Next K-1 World MAX:

Sato and MasatoK-1Fans: How do you think is going to be the K-1 MAX Final? (quarterfinals, semifinals and final, winners)

yoshi-HERO: I'm sorry. I don't know.
Now I should concentrate only Buakaw. I only think in win Buakaw and the next we will see.

K-1Fans: What weapons are you going to use, or what are you preparing to beat Buakaw Por Pramuk?

yoshi-HERO: It is secret! (Buakaw can read this! haha)

Sato K-1MAX Japan Sato K-1MAX Japan Sato K-1MAX Japan Sato K-1MAX Japan

K-1Fans: You are ready to beat 3 champions Buakaw, Kraus and Masato in a same day? good luck!

yoshi-HERO: Yes I am!
I want to fight strongest fighters.
It's so fan for me. So the fights will be very wonderful.

Sato K-1MAX Japan beltK-1Fans: You won K-1Max Japan tournament, we suppose it was a very happy day for you. talk us about that experience; and talk us about your happiest experience fighting.

yoshi-HERO: I come K-1max to win in World Tournament.
So I have to win surely in that Japan Tournament.
This pressure is very good experience for me.
About my happiest experience fighting it is when I won Kaolan.

K-1Fans: Do you think that the money for Max fighters is many money, or do you think (as Masato does) that fighters should receive more money in K-1Max?

yoshi-HERO: No. We really fighting at the risk of my life. So we should take more money.
But anyway I am taking more money than before entry K-1max.

Sato MouthguardK-1Fans: What about the level between K-1 MAX and K-1 World GP (HeavyWeights) where do you see the higher level?

yoshi-HERO: K-1max have a beautiful technich.
K-1 World GP have a only power but not many technich fighters.

K-1Fans: You won Kaoklai, and Kaoklai almost won Musashi, and he has won great HeavyWeights fighters.. Do you think you could win Musashi? Do you imagine you fighting heavy fighters?

yoshi-HERO: No.No.No.(haha!)
Even if I will fight Musashi ,I will not always win.

Sato K-1MAX Sato K-1MAX Sato K-1MAX Sato K-1MAX

K-1Fans: You would like to win Masato, what would that mean in Japan for you if you win him?
and what will change in your life if you become K-1Max champion?

yoshi-HERO: I was not popular in Japan till I come to K-1MAX.
If I win Masato and become K-1MAX Champion, my popular more went up.
But if I become K-1MAX, don't forget modesty, consideration, kindness.

Sato muaythaiK-1Fans: Do you prefer K-1 rules or Full MuayThai rules ?

yoshi-HERO: Now either will do.
But someday I want to fight in lumpinee, too.

K-1Fans: What about the new Rule in K-1Max with NO-Clinch and Holding for NO-Knees?

yoshi-HERO: I think K-1MAX is better having knee.
I don't like New rule very good.

K-1Fans: Some people think you are "The Semmy Schilt of K-1 MAX!!"

yoshi-HERO: I don't think I am "The Semmy Schilt of K-1 MAX"
I and he are not same fight style.

K-1Fans: what do you think about masato (popularity and fighting)?

yoshi-HERO: I think Masato is very known worldwide fighter.
But he isn't strongest fighter.

K-1Fans: how is your relationship with the other fighters and who are the fighters more Friends for you?

yoshi-HERO: Good! The foreigner is Noeru Soares, Yassine Benhajji, JWP, Virgil Karakoda,
Buakaw PP, Kaoklai Kaennorsing, Chopper Chapman, Peter Crooke.
Japanese is Nitta Akeomi, Yasuhiro Kazuya, Yuya Yamamoto, Shinya Ishige, Hatsu Hioki.

Sato and Schilt Sato and Morkevicius Sato and Kozo Sato and JWP

K-1Fans: Do you like and train MMA (Mixed Martial Arts /grappling) or K-1/MuayThai is your only objetive?

yoshi-HERO: For some time I fight only K-1/Muay Thai.
I like MMA. But only watch.

And ending the interview..

K-1Fans: Something more that you want to say to your fans in the world?

yoshi-HERO: I don't need money, popularitiy, honor much.
I want only to fight with strongest fighter.
It was for that purpose that I come on K-1 MAX.
Fans are important for me. Thank you everyone for the support.

Many thanx for the interview and for being part of our K-1Fans Community
GOOD LUCK for K-1 MAX Final! See you in www.k-1fans.com/forum :D
We want yoshi-HERO as new K-1 Max 2006 champion!!!

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