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 ** SEMMY SCHILT Interview ** by AL3X1S
New interview with Semmy Schilt,
two times K-1 World Grand Prix Champion + current SuperHeavyWeight Champion, and the favourite again to keep the title this year in Tokyo Final, 8 December 2007.

It is an honor to speak with him, and more since we are accustomed to few words from him in media or press conference.
His fans deserve it so I hope you like reading from him :-)

Hi Semmy, thanks for give us some time to answer this interview. It is an honor for us to speak with the K-1 World GP Champion!

K-1Fans: We suppose you are training very hard to look for the victory again in Tokyo. What do you do and feel before the Final?

Semmy: Hi. I am very motivated to win again this GP, training a lot, as it would be the third time on a row to win the Gp, it is an extra challenge as nobody did this before.

K-1Fans: How do you think that will be the Final this time? Quarterfinals against Feitosa, semifinals and final fight?

Semmy: I do not really care about my oponent, I fight every oponent who they put in front of me, Feitosa and whoever the next, I just want to become the champion again.
Somehow I think a reserve fighter will be in there again, I think this will happen when Hong man Choi and Le Banner go for three rounds and both of them have much damage. But it is a tournament so anything can happen.

K-1Fans: Do you feel this time any differerence with the finals in 2005 and 2006? More pressure or difficulty being you the favourite? Or are you accustomed and you will do the same than last 2 years?

Semmy: I have beaten Le banner, Hoost and Aerts in one night, this is just another day in the office for me. But like I said before three times on a row, nobody acompledge this before, so it is an extra challenge!

K-1Fans: About last year, what did you feel when Aerts did enter in the Final? (He won your previous fight in Auckland) so did you thought it would be difficult or did you see yourself as champion before fighting him?

Semmy: My teammate Leko could have fought against Feitosa, but I had something to prove after I felt I was robbed in Auckland against Aerts earleir that year. So I ask for him after I defeated Hoost that night, Bonjansky was injured and if Stefan refused to fight, Aerts would come in, which he did!
I was ready for him and I think I proved to the world that night that I am a real champion.

K-1Fans: As you have said, last year you had probably the most difficult way to win the title: LeBanner, Hoost and Aerts. Three K-1 Legends. Are you even prouder of winning in that great way?

Semmy: They ask me that after the tournament, my conditioning was so good that i could have fought another fight or fights that night. Peter is though he is the fighter with the biggest heart out there and always gives it all.
But to win from Le Banner, Hoost and Aerts in one night gave me the feeling that I was the real champion and that I could be champion for a long time to come.

K-1Fans: You are the dominant just now in K-1. What are your goals? maybe Be 5 times K-1 Champion as Hoost couldnīt get?

Semmy: Yes I like to stay champion and become even better, I am still improving my skills and records are there to be broken.
The competition now these days is hard, there are many good all round fighters and many new young upcomming. I am also training on the ground my mma skills.

K-1Fans: What about Golden Glory Team? can you describe why the team has so many success last years?

Semmy: Yes we had a lot of succes already for the last 8 years. It is a great team we have three different gyms. My manager Bas Boon is working day and night. New fighters joining gg as Saki, Holzken, Zimmerman, Aziz Jahjah,Siyar Bahaduzra, Oktay Karaka's, Krista, Overeem all young new fighters who are all performing very well. I want to congratulate Siyar, Alistair and Krista who recently became worldchampions by different organisations.
I always prepare with Dave Jonkers together with my sparringpartners, I always become in great shape.

K-1Fans: How many hours do you train everyday, or how is your training routine?

Semmy: I train weight training, cardio and sparring every day, three or four hours a day.
I also teach the little childred judo

K-1Fans: who is your personal trainer, sparrings and partners? what about them?

Semmy: As I said before Dave Jonkers is my trainer and Jelle Waringa and Koos and many other are sparring partners.

K-1Fans: Who are your best friends in K-1? Are you in touch with them out the events?

Semmy: I like living in Zuid Laren it is like a farmers town in Holland and I am not much of a party men. I am only in touch with some of the Golden Glory fighters some times and my manager Bas.

K-1Fans: You seem a person of few words! In the press conferences, although been the favourite, you don't speak much ;-)

Semmy: I have never been a big speaker before or after a fight, I like to show my skills in the ring. Every press conference they ask the same questions so I give the same answer, even if they would ask a different questions it became kind of my mark to say what I say, haha!

K-1Fans: You are humble, reserved? cold? How do you define your personality?

Semmy: I am humble but can get easy angry about things that are unfair, I do not like politics. I am not cold, but I think I am very easy and simple guy. I like to walk with my dog, love my girlfriend, like nature, love to watch movies and listening to music. I made my hobby my proffesion, I guess I am a very happy person.

K-1Fans: About your beginning: At what age did you start training/fighting? How did you started in this world of Martial Arts and Karate?

Semmy: When I was seven I started Karate, fighting was a few years later and I became a good karate tournament fighter. My free fight career started with pancrase. Later I was aproached by Bas Boon and became member of Golden Glory, thing went quick from then on. My manager got me in to the UFc and Pride and later K-1.

K-1Fans: Did you have some Fighter Idol when you was younger? in that case, who?

Semmy: Bruce Lee and some other fighters in movies.

K-1Fans: What do you usually do when you are not training? which are your hobbies and how is your free time?

Semmy: I already named a few, I also have a few Boa constrictors, I love snakes and my dog.

K-1Fans: If you would have not been fighter, what would you like to have been? maybe basketball player? ;-)

Semmy: I always like sport, maybe I should have become a swimmer, I guess I would always be ahead.

K-1Fans: How do you describe your time in MMA tournaments?

Semmy: I fought the best in MMA, the problem on the really high level is that when I was fighting MMA regulary, I was doing well, I lost on points to Fedor, but I did some damage. The problem is switching doing both K-1 and MMA. I have difficulties with this, but I am improving also my ground game.

K-1Fans: Would you fight again in MMA or you think now K-1 is your style?

Semmy: I fought in Hero's once in the last two years and won, I just want this third title from K-1 first and then wen will see. I am not negative in excepting an MMA fight, as long as I have a decent time to prepare myself for the fight.

K-1Fans: What style do you really prefer to fight (MMA, K-1, Kyokushin) why?

Semmy: I like all styles, karate always will be in my blood, so does MMA, I found my rythm with K-1 and like this fighting style the most.

K-1Fans: What about the Karate summer camps in japan? we saw some photos of you, Musashi, Kakuda, Mr. Boon, and many people in the beach karate camp.

Semmy: We were invited me and my manager Boon to this Seidokaikan training camp, the first day was intensive with lot of sparring. the second day we run on the beach and did some more practise. I like the old karate spirit and people, specially in Japan. I felt really good that weekend.

K-1Fans: We try to find out a fighter who can give you a hard time in K-1 or win you, but we dont find!
What fighters do you think are the best now besides you and could give you a hard fight?

Semmy: I canīt say one. Every opponent can be dangerous, I take every oponent seriously.

K-1Fans: We remember Ignashov as the only fighter who KOed you in standup fighting. But since that fight you have improved a lot. Would you like a rematch? Would it be different now?

Semmy: Like I said I would fight every body, Ignashov was the first time in the Arena for a big audience. I started the fight way to aggressive, wanted to knock him out as I fought in Holland. That was a dure mistake, which I learned from, I walked into a punch and the rest you know. Now it would be different.

K-1Fans: What do you say to those who say that you win more due to strengh and height than due to your skills?

Semmy: Look at Hong Man Choi, Jan Nortje, Sapp, Giant Silva.. I train really hard and have a background in Karate. It looks sometimes sloppy on tv, I can assure you that my opponents think differently while receiving an straight left punch or front kick, Everything I do I try to do with power, for the full three rounds!

K-1Fans: How do you define your fighting style? and which do you think that are your best fighting weapons?

Semmy: I like my front kick and my knees, I am very strong in the clinch.

K-1Fans: What about lifestyle in Japan? do you like it? can you walk in the street relaxed or many fans recognise you?

Semmy: Everybody recognizes me, no sunglasses or head for me being 212cm. When I eat, shop or whatever I do people come up to me for pictures etc.

K-1Fans: There is much difference when you come back to Holland and you see few things in Tv/newpapers about you as K-1 champion?

Semmy: This changed a lot, my manager made a contract with SBS6 in Holland, which broadcasted every GP's this year many times live. I also did some guest apperence in tv shows and celebrity poker (I became second not many wanted to check if I was bluffing,hahaha). Also the regular news papers I found myself on the front cover and many magazines. Things really are improving in that way! Still it is hard to find a good sponsor!

K-1Fans: What do you think about the rules of K-1 about not knees/clinch? are they worst or better for the spectacle?

Semmy: I guess they changed it because of me, I like to clinch and give knees to body and head. I think as long as there is action it should be allowed, but I already got used to the new style and adapted my style.

K-1Fans: Do you see positive the adition of 2 new K-1 Belts (SuperHeavyWeights and HeavyWeights) or you prefer only a belt of K-1 Champion?

Semmy: I am a fighter, it is nice to get a belt, the work however is the same, with this belt or not, you have to train really hard to become the champion in Tokyo final.

K-1Fans: How do you wish your nexts years in your life and fighting sports?

Semmy: I will continue fighting the comming years and hope to stay healthy and happy!

K-1Fans: OK Champion. We wish you can get your wishes and objetives. Something more to say us and your fans?

Semmy: If you work hard you can achieve everything in life.

Congratulations again. And thanks very much for the Interview.

GOOD LUCK. See you.


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