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 ** SEMMY SCHILT Interview ** by Onne1983
In behalf of K-1fans i checked out a saturday morning training at the Dave Jonkers gym in Zuid-Laren.

From my home it's a 2 and a half hour drive to the gym, so i went to Friesland the day before because my girlfriends parents have a vacation house there. When i arrived at the gym, i was welcomed by Dave Jonkers himself.
He is a friendly man, and he gave me a small tour around the gym. When you enter you see a bar with a big K-1 trophy on it. on the wall there is the K-1 WGP belt in a glass case.

Then there is a large fitness hall, with a lot of cardio equipment. on the right there is a large hall where they give spinning classes.
And behind that there are dressing roomes and a nice trophy closet right next to the entrance of the dojo.

It's a nice dojo and everything breathes Golden Glory.

There was a GG floor, GG heavy bag, A pile of GG Pads and in the centre more large trophies.
Semmy did a small training with too young fighters and they just did some combinations, Worked the heavybag and did some sparring.

After the training i sat down with Semmy and had a nice conversation and also took a small interview.

K-1fans: How does your training shedule looks like?

Semmy: Well in the morning i train my Kickboxing/ Karate training, and i use the afternoon too do some cardio training.

K-1fans: Who would you like to fight the most at the final 16?

Semmy: Since Peter Aerts challenged me, and i accepted that, i think K-1 will let us face eachother.

K-1fans: Are there opponents who you want to avoid in the eliminations?

Semmy: Nope, To become a champion, you have to be prepared to fight everyone. So i don't care who i fight!

K-1fans: If you win the GP this year, you are without a doubt the greatest K-1fighter in history. What are your goals after that?

Semmy: I'm focusing on the GP so i don't look past that one yet,

K-1fans: Wich one of your fights do you like most?

Semmy: In MMA it was against Funaki and in K-1 it was my last against Feitosa, the fight where i got rocked quit good by Glaube.

K-1fans: Do you want to return to MMA?

Semmy: Maybe, I'm not thinking about that one.

K-1fans: You recieve a lot of critisism on your fightstyle, what do you think of that and what would you say to those people?

Semmy: (Starts laughing) I really don't care about the critic, And i just would say: If they can do better, why don't step up in the ring themself?

K-1fans: Finaly, Do you got some words for your supporters at K-1fans.com

Semmy: Well i hope you will support me on my yourney to become K-1wgp champion for the fourth time in a row!

I would like to thank Dave and Semmy for the time they made available for us.
And good luck in the future!


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