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 ** STEFAN LEKO Interview ** by AL3X1S
Interview with Stefan "The Blitz" Leko
before his assault to the K-1 World GP 2006 Champion Title

Just arriving in Tokyo, with his mind focused in Bonjasky and the Great Final, Leko had some time to answer us some questions.
Stefan is very convinced to make it. He is is in great shape and everything is possible.

Hi champion, congratulations for the qualifying to The K-1 Final,
where we think you have many possibilities to become champion!
Thanx for your time to make this interview. All our support and good luck.

Leko: No problem and thanks for your support.
K-1fans: We saw you in a great level and shape vs a hard opponent as Sefo. If you won him, you could win everybody!
What did you feel before and after that Elimination fight?

Leko: For me it was no surprise. I was ready. I was sure to win the fight before it took place. I just needed some time to develop.
K-1fans: What did you talked with Sefo after the event?
Leko: As we are friends I told him that last time I was the one who lost the fight against him - today it is my day - i was better.
K-1fans: In Las Vegas you made a great tournament too. Do you think you are now in a best moment than some years ago?
Leko: Yes for sure, I feel I am in one of my best moments. I had some problems with my back some time ago. Thatís now solved and I am back stronger and more experienced.

Maybe we see a Champion from this
quarterfinal. Good luck to both. We will
interview also Remy soon.

Leko words in Press Conference:
"This year I'm returning after some time
away from K-1. I trained really hard,
I'm in the best shape of my life and I am
going for the title - good luck to everyone!"


Next fight is vs Remy, how do you feel for this fight? you are convinced to win?
Leko: Remy took the title in 2003 from me - now it`s my turn to get the title.

K-1fans: What would you say now to your next opponent Bonjasky?
Leko: Your time is over, now it`s my time to get the Champion Belt!
K-1fans: How do you imagine and wish the K-1 World GP Final? (Your predictions of Quarterfinals, Semis, and Final!)
Leko: I see myself in the final. Other predictions are too difficult.
K-1fans: What will happen (there are many possibilities) if you have to fight a Golden-Glory Gym partner in the final?
Leko: In Golden Glory we are very good friends so it would be difficult. But we are professionals and have to give our best. Thatís the business we are in.
K-1fans: Golden Glory seems the best team in the world just now. How is the work there?
Leko: Its very hard training in combination with very good trainers and partners.
K-1fans: Who are usually your sparrings, trainers, partners?
Leko: My sparring partners are Chalid, who is also in the final, Saki Gohkan and Peter Aerts.
My trainer is Cor Hemmers. Training with them is hard and intense but great partners.
K-1fans: How many hours do you usually dedicate to your training and how is your training routine? Have you trained even more hard to this great comeback?
Leko: I am usually training 2 times of 1'5 hours, per day. Its about running, gaining power, techniquetraining and sparring. I always train on top level. So I didnít train much more than normally for the final.
K-1fans: How do you describe the situation of Fighting Sports in Germany? (comparing to other countries) and is it improving now with more fighters, practisers and fans?
Leko: In Germany we are far behind other countries. The level in Germany is more Amateur like. Germany should more orientate the way the Netherlands go. I hope we can do it.
K-1fans: And comparing to other sports? what do you feel about for example football all day in TV and news, but almost nothing about martial arts?
Leko: It is sad, but thatís the case here. Martial Arts is more behind these main sports. But step by step we will get success in this.
K-1Fans: what do you spend your free time with? what are your hobbies?
Leko: Because of my professional Martial Arts career there is not so much free time for hobbies. But I like travelling, going to cinema and car driving.
K-1Fans: How do you describe your experience in MMA?
Leko: Unfortunately MMA was a very bad experience for me. Looking back I am very disappointed that I have started in MMA.
K-1Fans: Which were the reasons did you move to fight in Pride?
Leko: some problems with K-1 ...
K-1Fans: You have had a great return to K-1. Do you now think that K-1 is your place or you would try MMA again?
Leko: Yes absolutely, K-1 is my thing so I stay here. I am a Stand Up Fighter, thatís my strength.
K-1Fans: Would you want to comment something about your fight vs Badr Hari? What about to his attitude and his lucky kick against you? Will you ask for a revenge?
Leko: Oh I have erased it from my mind. It was a KO which means a loss and thatís it.
K-1Fans: Which are your goals for next years in fighting sports?
Leko: The first priority for me is to win the title this year. As I have signed a contract with K-1, I will have some more fights next year. For the future we will see.
K-1Fans: only for curiosity! what exactly means the sign you make with your arm before the fight?
Leko: That means firing-ready - something like my brand.
K-1Fans: About your beginning: How and when do you started in this world of martial arts?
Leko: I started at the age of 9 years with Karate , then switched to boxing and finally started with Thaiboxing/MuayThai at the age of 14.
K-1Fans: Who gave you the nickname "Blitz"? do you like it? 
Leko: It was given by my manager. It is absolutely the correct nickname. Yes I like it. It means impulsive, fast and strong. All the criteria I meet.
K-1Fans: Who are your best friends in K-1?
Leko: Chalid and Peter Aerts.
K-1Fans: Do you appreciate the life in Japan?

Leko: I am interested in the culture and off course fighting in Japan, but living in Japan is not my way.
K-1Fans: Do you like and follow K-1 World MAX? who are your favourites?
Leko: Yes I follow K-1 MAX but I have no special favourites, because when I watch the events I see a lot of good fights and high skilled fighters.

K-1Fans: Have you visited K-1fans.com? please do! :D
Leko: I have not much time for the internet but yes of course I have visited - nice website. Continue the good job.

K-1Fans: Would you say something more to all your fans?
Leko: Yes, go on supporting me - I will always give my best for the sport and its fans.
K-1Fans: Thanx Champion. All our support. Good luck in Tokyo. If you win the K-1 WGP Final we will speak again ;)
Leko: Ok. Thanks a lot.

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