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 ** YODSANKLAI FAIRTEX  Interview ** by Mr.K-1

1.When were you start fight?How old are you now?

I was start since 1993,I'm 21 year old.

2.What is your weigh today?

My weigh is 74kg.

3.How many your fight reccord?your champion belt?Which is your proud belt?

my reccord is 180 fight(12 KO,73 lose), I hold 5 belt,
-WBC Muaythai Champion(win JWP)
-Thai Champion(win Samkor kiatmotep)
-Lumpini(win Sam A Tor.Rattanakiat)
-Rajadamnern championship
-Toyota D4D commonrail tournament champion
and WBC Muaythai Belt is my proud.

4.What is your impression fight?

with Sam A in Lumpini title(105 pound)

5.What is key factor for become the champion?

trainning hard and always to fight.

6.Where is your trainning gym?who is your close friend.

Fairtex in chonburi province,My close friend is Kaew Fairtex.

7.What is your trainning program in a day?


-Running 20 Km.(morning 10 Km./ afternoon 10 Km.)
-Jump rope: 10 Minute.
-Kick pad: 6-7 round.
-clinching: 30 minute.

8.What is your best weapon in fighting?

my best weapon is left punch and left kick.

9.What fighting rules do you like?Muaythai or K-1?

I like Muaythai rule surely,K-1 rule difficult more than muaythai rule because K-1 can not use full knee.

10.Which do you like about vibe in K-1 or Muaythai(Lumpini,Rajadamnern)?

K-1 very exiting and most audience,i like so much,I like to see Japanese girls cheer me but in thailand accustomed for me.

11.How do you feel when you face Kamel El Amrani first fight in K-1?and your fight with JWP in WBC Muaythai?

Kamel normally,I very happy when i fights in K-1 but regretfully when i know i don't have name in tournament,and with JWP very exiting ,in game I think i can win surely if he can't KO me in last round time because i worry about cheat so much.

12. Once day if you face with buakaw in K-1 you can fight with him?

No problem,i can fight him,I think possible to face him in K-1.

13.Who is the fighter you want to fight in K-1?

Masato because he is super star of japan.

14.When is your next fight in K-1 or other?your manager?

In K-1 I don't know when but 11/11/2006 WBC muaythai(70kg.) i will against Vogel in germany,all my fights manage by Mr.Banjong(owner).

15.How about your opponent?

Vogel I know him because he come to trainning in my gym.(laugh)...He kick bad.

15.Good luck for you.and say something or write message to your fans please.

(Write message)

Thank you to foreigner or thaifans who have to cheer me.I'm Yodsanklai,i will do my best, i will fight excitedly for you.you will not disappoint with me. and i want moral support from you.Thank you.

Yodsanklai Fairtex
2 September 2006

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