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We are proud of have appeareances and publicity in the press and different media. Some ones
are due to advertisement cooperations, but some others were a completely surprise for us!
Thanks to those all people who spread our community name all around the world! :-)

Advertisements in RINGSPORTS Magazine from Holland


Other advertisements for Magazines as "MMA Sports", "FightScene" and "World MuayThai Magazine"

Banners or buttons
for Online Magazines

Some of our posters and website graphics in Thailand sport newspaper MUAY2 and MUAYSIAM Magazine


Our Logo in the posters of some known great events. Examples:





Our flyer held by most of the top K-1 and international kickboxing & muaythai fighters
(see the all the photos in the "hall of fame" zone in our main page)

Our flyers pasted outside Amsterdam Arena colums during the K-1 World GP Europe!
What a free publicity seen by thousands of fans ;-) haha

Our Flyer in EUROSPORT. It is a flash appearance, but what an international advertisement on TV!

Thanks and greetings to the members of the great program Fight Club in Eurosport.

K-1 Fighters speaking about K-1Fans.com :-D

Bob Sapp
Badr Hari
Peter Aerts
Melvin Manhoef

K-1Fans.com in the credits of the muaythai movie Fight or Flight. www.fightorflight.tv

John Wayne Parr wearing our K-1Fans t-shirt during "The Contender" Asia muaythai TV program.

We have had our site commented in the websites of some of the best fighters worldwide.
For example in the Peter Aerts homepage, and Masato Gym website.


In The Amsterdam Arena Stadium, our logo and link was shown in the giant screens
 during the K-1 World GP 2008 Europe, with thousand of persons seeing it!!


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