Thousands of fans and people in the world of martial arts visit K-1Fans daily.
This is the best place to announce your business to the public.
Contact us and we can arrive to an agreement good for both parts.
We started with publicity since we had to move to a expensive dedicated server,
and this is a great help for us to pay the server and continue online and growing.
Big thanks to our sponsors and of course to our donators!


If you are interested in show your online shop or website here see what we offer to our sponsors: - We show your banner (468x60 pixels) in "sponsors zone" of the main page, and some small pics of your stuff, products or services.
- The banners will be also in Links and Shop section, and the links also in the menu of the site.
- In the forum as there is not much space, we will show a small banner (around 100x60 pixels) on the right of the forum index.
- The banners can be jpg or nice animated gifs. We can make them for you if you want. They will contain link to your site.
- In the forum (generally in the shop forum) we can speak about your business to promote it, help customers with doubts, etc.
or email us at:


Contact us to know if we can advertise your web and to know about sponsor prices and conditions. We can discuss other solutions too.
Thanks.  K-1Fans.com



If you are interested in show your event here see what we offer to the promoters: - We show your banner or poster in the main page in "upcoming events zone" near the top with link to the big poster and info of the event. And also a link to the promoter website.
- In forum we will have the small poster too, with link to the big poster and info (dates place, matches, how to buy tickets) etc.
The poster in forum will be rotating ramdonly among other few posters if in that moment there are more becoming events in our promotion.
- We will have post in the forum about the event with all the info. It will be moved on top of the forum (k-1, muaythai, mma, depending the style of the event) as sticky post around a week or two before the event, so nobody will miss to read the post.
- We will add your event to our K-1 Calendar and also the big poster in K-1 posters zone of the main website.

Contact us to know about conditions.
Thanks.  K-1Fans.com



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