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HOME: In our HomePage you can find a lot of info, news, latest forum posts, pics, posters, polls..
K-1 PHOTOS: All the pictures of K-1 World GP and K-1 World Max Events, such as some gallerys related to K-1 fighters, wallpapers, etc.
ARTICLES, PRESS: Articles sent by K-1 reporters, who cover all events and press conferences around the world. Thanx to Monty DiPietro and Mike Afromowitz.
INTERVIEWS: Our interviews and questions to famous pro fighters.
GAMES, MUSIC: Games, music and media related to K-1 fighters.
CHAMPIONS: Meet all champions of K-1 and K-1 MAX finals from 1993.
TOURNAMENT: Qualification System for this year Grand Prix Tournament.
HISTORY: Know what is K-1 and how the tournament started, all since the beginning.
RULES: List of all the rules for K-1 events and Hero´s MMA events.
FIGHTERS PROFILES: All info about K-1, Kickboxing and MuayThai Fighters.
RANKINGS: Our ranking of the fighters, we count latest results, career, popularity..
AWARDS: Fighters of the Year in K-1 and K-1 MAX selected by the fans worldwide in our community.
CALENDAR: List of all K-1 WGP, MAX, Preliminarys, Hero's and K-1 related events of the year.
LINKS: Check the best collection of K-1 Websites Links of the net.
OTHER: K-1 Amsterdam Report , Hellfighter flying our banner! , K-1Canarias


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